Game Features Baccarat


Game Features:

When you enter the Baccarat game you will find the layout shown below.

Layout Features

The hands will be displayed here
In Hand
The value of the chips held “In Hand”. The actual chips will be shown immediately below this display
Wager spots
Place chips here to wager on Banker, Player or Tie
Chip Display
Drag-and-drop or use chips In Hand to make your wagers
Your Casino balance
Total Bet
The total amount you have wagered on the current deal
Press here to deal the cards
Repeat Last Bet
You may press here to repeat same wager amount. The cards will be dealt automatically
The message display is located at the bottom left of the layout
Casino Controls

Help For house rules, game controls and descriptions
Exit to Lobby Return to the lobby to play other games, visit the cashier or exit the casino
Playing Baccarat

When you place your cursor over one of the three valid wager locations for Baccarat (Banker, Player or Tie), it will be highlighted.

There are five chip denominations in Baccarat ($1, $5, $25, $100, $500). These are located on the table railing at the lower right.

To make a wager, place the cursor over the chip you wish to move, hold the left button down and drag the chip where you want it, then release it. Continue to drag-and-drop other chips until you reach the desired wager amount. You can remove chips by dragging-and-dropping chips from a wager box to the chip display. You can also remove an entire stack of wagered chips by right-clicking on the stack.

Alternatively, you can take a chip “in hand” by left-clicking on a chip denomination. The amount “in hand” will be displayed at the left edge of the table. To increase your chips “in hand,” continue clicking on the appropriate chips until you reach the desired amount. To decrease your “in hand” amount, right-click on a chip to reduce the chips “in hand” by that amount. You may also right-click on the “in hand” stack of chips to remove it completely. Once you have chips “in hand” you can make you wager simply by clicking on a wager box.

The total amount you have wagered on this deal is displayed in the Total Bet window at the bottom left of the layout.

Once you have placed your wager(s) press Deal to continue. The cards will be dealt and the dealer will play out the hand. The value of the Player and Dealer hands will be shown next to the respective card displays.

The result of the hand will be displayed in the message window at the bottom of the layout.

To repeat a wager, press Repeat Last Bet. Your previous wager amount (s) will be duplicated. The cards will be dealt automatically.

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